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January 28th, 2014

100 Happy Days {life}


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#100happyday challenge is for you – not for anyone else.
It is not a happiness competition or a showing off contest. If you try to please / make others jealous via your pictures – you lose without even starting. Same goes for cheating.

January 28th, 2014

Nigella Express {Food}

I got me the Nigella Express Book some time ago when I was still a meat eater, and all the Meat recipes was so appealing to me. Now that I am a Pescetarian* all I see are the Vegetarian and Seafood dishes. Its Amazing how things change when you change your perspective.

This book has many yummy Seafood, Vegetarian and Meat dishes. I would say its 85% Pescetarian.
All the Recipes are Easy and Quick to Prepare. Link below to Nigella’s Website where the book is available in Online Stores. You can also check your local book store.

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Recipe Crab and Avocado Salad with Japanese dressing.  {Recipe Link Click Here}

Nigella’s Links below

 *What is Pescetarian? {Link}

January 27th, 2014

Truth about FullyRaw {foodie}

Heart Filled Message from @FullyRawKristina


The Truth about Fully Raw and Eating Healthy


I am SO blessed to be a part of your life. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with you my heart and my knowledge. We are creating a beautiful health community! We are creating FAMILY. I am forever grateful.

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January 23rd, 2014

Very Berry Waffle {food}

Yummy Very Berry Waffle.
Berries from Hillcrest Berry Orchards Stellenbosch.
Waffles from Garner Wafers Maitland.

January 20th, 2014

Stretch {fitness}

New Year, New You

If not now when? This is the year of Greatness! Lets get the year started Right with Good Health Habits.


Get Started with WomensHealthSA – Tips on Fitness and getting Started with your Fitness Program

Womens Health SA – Workouts Stretches {link below}

More Workouts from Womens Health SA {link below}

Drink lots
Guzzling a few glasses of water before hitting the beach will help flush your system and relieve bloating.

Know your bloat foods
Avoid beans, for example, if they’re hard for you to digest or make you bloat, says Dr Ann Yelmokas McDermott. Dairy has the same effect for some. And most important, minimise your sodium intake. While there’s no recommended dietary allowance, most nutritionists suggest you stay under 2 500 or 3 000mg of salt. McDermott recommends keeping your intake under 3 000mg per day to avoid bloating.

Source WomensHealthSA

{Sorry about the Poor Quality images its was a photograph taken of my WH Calendar 2012}

January 20th, 2014

Power Smoothie {food}

Yummy Power Smoothie for Breakfast

Frozen Banana
Shreddies Cereal

I hate eating breakfast weekdays as I am always in a rush out the door, so I drink it instead.