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September 21st, 2016

All about Aloe {Health}

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The Aloe is a succulent plant belonging to the Liliaceal family, which is most widely known for the clear gel that is found in the leaves – commonly known as aloe vera gel. This gel is primarily used in skin conditioning agents that sooth irritated, wounded or sun burnt skin.
There are also many internal perpetrations made from this plant family, including Aloe juice made from various varieties including Aloe Andogensis and Aloe Barbadensis. Aloe barbadensis is the aloe plant commonly known as aloe vera and is the variety used for aloe vera juice.

There are many varying claims made about aloe vera including everything from it helping reduce diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoarthritis and even depression! Most of these claims are unsubstantiated, so let’s go through some of the benefits and concerns about aloe vera that are substantiated by the scientific data available.

Aloe Vera juice benefits:
Aloe vera is actually quite nutrient rich and contains a range of B vitamins, vitamin E, amino acids and minerals including calcium, zinc, chromium and iron.
Helps with: Inflammation, Digestion, Gut health, Cholesterol and Diabetes.

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How to Extract Aloe Vera by John from

Aloe can be added to a Smoothie, Juice or simply Blend and Enjoy.