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February 15th, 2017

My Creative Bullet Journal {lifestyle}


Bullet Journaling can be so much more than just making your day productive.
If you are familiar with the Bullet Journal System then here are some ways to make it your own, if not then first go to my previous Post about Setting up your Bullet Journal.

Once you have setup your journal, then you can get creative and experiment with different styles.

This Step is what makes the Bullet Journal Special, you can completely customize it to suit your needs and adjust as you go along or as your needs change. Some months you need space to plan events and others you just need a basic journal format.

Lets Start with the Basic Pages, your Index, Year Calendar, Year Goals and Tasks and Future Log.

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 1

Index & Year Calendar for Easy Referance

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 2

I added a fold out Journal Key for Quick Reference.

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 3

Your Year Goals, Review this Monthly, and Future Log for Important Dates

Your Monthly Pages, Monthly Cover Page, Monthly Goals and Tasks, Habit Tracker and Gratitude Log.

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 4

I like to create a Monthly Cover Page themed according to the Month or Season.

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 5

Your Habit Tracker is a very handy way of Tracking your Habits and to add little “Daily TO DO Reminders” like taking your vitamins. This way you can see and track all your habits and improve them the next month.

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 6

My Gratitude Log is one of my Favorite Pages it keeps up a positive attitude. If I am having a down day I will go to my Gratitude Log and read all the things I am grateful for, this will brighten up my day and give me a positive outlook forward.

Your Daily Pages in a Weekly Dairy format.

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 7

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 8

In my Daily I add a weather Bar, this way I can plan my Outfits ahead.
You can add a Positive Quote, Inspirational Image or just decorate with Doodles and Washi Tape.

Then the Fun stuff, Your Collections, Saving Goals, Exercise Goals, Moments & Memories, Movies to See and Books to Read.

You can add any fun or functional Collections to Suit your needs.

Here are some of My Collections.

therabbitandtherobin_Cutomising 9

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My Bullet Journal is a Moleskine (available from
Pens: Sharpie, Staedtler and Stabilo.
Various Stamps and Washi Tape from Typo, PNA and

December 21st, 2016

Bullet Journaling – Getting Started {lifestyle}

If you are like me, always looking for the next app, planner or planning system to make your life more efficient.

Ways to complete and track your tasks, goals and appointments. Organise all your notes without having sticky notes, notebooks and various apps all over the place.

You will completely love this Amazing new system that I found, Its efficient, practical and creative. I can see and track my goals. Keep my mind clear by writing everything down.

therabbitandtherobin Bujou _ Getting Started 1

This is my Bullet Journal, a Moleskine soft cover Journal.
Bullet Journaling is a very simple System, all you need is a Book and a Pen.

therabbitandtherobin Bujou _ Getting Started 2

Your Bullet journal will consist out of these basic pages.

• Index
• Future Log
• A Monthly Log
• A Daily Log

therabbitandtherobin Bujou _ Getting Started 3

Your Index, just like any regular Index. The Page Name and number.
Every time you make a new entry, you come back to your Index and add the Page Name and Number. This is an easy way to find anything in your Journal.

therabbitandtherobin Bujou _ Getting Started 4

Your Future Log is for all your Important static dates and events that you know of long ahead of time. Here you can easily view them and plan ahead. Start by creating a six or twelve month log. Count the dots on your page and divide them by thee, draw a line and write each month at the top of each section. Continue by logging your important dates.

therabbitandtherobin Bujou _ Getting Started 5

Your Monthly is for all your Goals you want to reach and Tasks you want to complete during that month. The one page will be your calendar, write down the month followed by days and date.
On the opposite page Log all your tasks for the month.

therabbitandtherobin Bujou _ Getting Started 6

Your Daily Log, this is the heart and soul of your journal. You will use this daily, start with writing down the header, day, date and month.

Your Bullet Journal Key consists of your basic Journaling indicators. a Dot is a Task, O an Event, Dash is a Note, Asterisk for priority, X it out when it is completed, forward arrow when you did not complete it and Migrate it to the next day or a back arrow if you schedule it for a later date.

When you complete your tasks for the day draw a line and start with the next day.

TIP: Make a Typography page in the back of your Journal. Write with each pen the pens name. This way you have a record of all your pens and you can see how they react with the paper.

Now you know how to setup your Basic Bullet Journal next time I will show you how to personalise it and really make it your own.

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