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September 4th, 2015

My Juices {Foodie}

Green Juice, Sun Juice and Earth Juice.

Yummy Breakfast Green Juice with Dates, Nuts and Seeds. Yummy Green Juice recipe from @fullyrawkristina my version on the Blog {follow me @robindeel on Instagram} Official @rabbitandrobin  #fullyrawkristina #greenjuice #juic

These are One of my most Popular Recipes!
These Juices are Awesome for summer detoxing or just for to Enjoy as a cool refreshing drink.
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{GreenJuice}   {SunJuice}   {Earth Juice}

September 1st, 2015

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Yummy Vegan Chocolate Mousse.
Quick and Easy to prepare in 3 easy steps and 4 simple healthy ingredients.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse made with Avocado. RECIPE ON THE BLOG #agave #cocoa #vanilla #avocado #veganmousse #veganchocolatemousse #vegan #raw #health #pudding #chocolatepudding #dessert #yummy #foodie #food   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?    www.therabbitandthe

Vegan Chocolate Mousse made with Avocado. RECIPE ON THE BLOG #agave #cocoa #vanilla #avocado #veganmousse #veganchocolatemousse #vegan #raw #health #pudding #chocolatepudding #dessert #yummy #foodie #food   ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?    www.therabbitandthe


1 Ripe Avocado
1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder
2-3 Table Spoons Raw Agave Nectar or Honey
1/2 Vanilla Extract (optional)

1. Cut Avocados and remove Pip, Scoop out Avocado.
2. Add all ingredients to a Blender and Blend well.
3. Scoop out Refrigerate for 30 min (if you can resist).

Enjoy with Fresh Fruit or Nuts and Berries.
or all on its own.

July 22nd, 2015

Summer Smoothie {foodie}

WOW! Yummiest Smoothie ever! a Summer party in your mouth. I love the colour too. #mango #banana #granadilla #cherries I'll Post RECIPE on the BLOG in the Week. #recipe #foodie #food #vegan #smoothie #health    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?    www.therabbitan

I made this Yummy smoothie recently, it was really Amazing. I was craving a nice smoothie for breakfast, so I went looking for some yummy goodness to combine together with my bananas, as I was out of my usual ingredients. I had some very ripe almost over ripe mango’s in the freezer, from summer, and my frozen berries stock. I combined and it was heaven. RECIPE on the BLOG in the Week ???? #smoothie #vegan #foodie #health #breakfast #snack #lunch #fresh #homemade #mango #granadilla #cherries #banana    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  {follow me @robindeel on Instagram} Offic


2 Mangos – Frozen (Very Ripe)
1 Banana – Speckled (Very Ripe)
1 Passion Fruit / Granadilla
1/2 Cup Cherries – Frozen
Water as Needed

Cut up Mangos and Bananas
Put all Fruit Ingredients in a blender
Start blending, add water slowly until you have a smooth consistency.

Scoop Out And Enjoy!

RECIPE on the BLOG in the Week ???? #smoothie #vegan #foodie #health #breakfast #snack #lunch #fresh #homemade #mango #granadilla #cherries #banana    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?  {follow me @robindeel on Instagram} Offic

Dairy- Free – Vegan – Pure – Raw

Nutrition Facts  – Serving Size: 1 full recipe (1185g)

Amount Per Serving,  Calories 614 – 31%, Total Fat 3g – 5%,  Saturated Fat 1g – 4%,  Trans Fat, Cholesterol – 0%,

Sodium 22mg – 1%, Total Carbohydrate 154g – 51%, Dietary Fiber 19g – 75%,  Sugars 126g, Protein 9g – 17%

Vitamin A 153% • Vitamin C 450% • Calcium 11% • Iron 12%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calories needs.

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Official @rabbitandrobin

February 12th, 2014

Valentines Vegan Candy {Foodie}

Valentines day Foodie Recipes Playlist from Tastemade  {Click Here}

Yummy Valentines Candy from Raw. Vegan. Not Gross {}

Need a little inspiration for the Raw Vegan Valentine in your life? Laura’s got a lip-smackin’ lolli you’re all gonna love. FULL RECIPE BELOW

Valentine’s Day Candy Recipe:

1 jar coconut butter
3-4 beets
1 tablespoon cocoa powder

Candy Molds
Candy Sticks


white candy pops
-warm up coconut butter in hot water bath and stir until thoroughly combined
-pour directly into the mold, add candy sticks and freeze for 30 minutes

pink candy pops
-peel and chop beets, add to a blender with small amount of water
-pour beet mixture into a cheesecloth to extract the beet juice
-fill dropper with beet juice
-pour warm coconut butter into a bowl and mix with 3-6 drops of beet juice
-pour pink coconut butter into candy mold, add candy sticks and freeze for 30 minutes

chocolate candy pops
-add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder to warmed coconut butter and stir
-pour into mold, add candy sticks and freeze for 30 minutes

-Rich in Lauric Acid
-Packed with Healthy Fats
-Boosts your Metabolism

Source : tastemade

January 27th, 2014

Truth about FullyRaw {foodie}

Heart Filled Message from @FullyRawKristina


The Truth about Fully Raw and Eating Healthy


I am SO blessed to be a part of your life. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share with you my heart and my knowledge. We are creating a beautiful health community! We are creating FAMILY. I am forever grateful.

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January 3rd, 2014

Fully Raw Challenge {Food}

Fully Raw Challenge with Kristina

This Year I am on a Journey to be come a better Me, Challenging my myself in every part of my life.

One of my Biggest and most probably the most difficult, would be to be come a Fully Raw Vegan.


My Fav Foodie is doing a Challenge to help us achieve that goal. Video and Link Below.